About Project

Digital Transformation in Education: best EU studies (DigTriES)

Number: 101099006
Project duration: 01.10.2022-30.09.2025
Academic coordinator: Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor of Department of Computer Science of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv Metropolitan University, Professor, Nataliia Morze
Target group: future teachers, practicing teachers

The goals of the project are:

  • improving the education of professionals ready to work in the European digital society;

  • development of an educational module using EU best practices regarding the digital transformation of education;

  • updating and developing the university curriculum in accordance with EU best practices regarding the digital transformation of education;

  • development of an ecosystem for the development of digital competences of primary school teachers based on existing EU best practices, which will increase the digital competence of students and their parents;

  • development of a digital community network of primary school teachers in Kyiv and European countries by increasing their digital competence;

  • ensuring the quality of distance learning for students who were displaced during the war.

The tasks of the project are:

  • development of a new educational module “Digital transformation in EU education: studies and experience” for master’s students, future primary school teachers (10 hours of lectures, 54 hours of seminars);

  • conducting three Summer Schools for primary school teachers “EU Best Practices: Universal Design for Learning” (30 hours), ” Best EU practices: Computational thinking” (24 hours), ” Best EU practices: Digital Tools and Solution for inquiry-based STEAM learning” (24 hours);

  • targeted training for 250 educators in accordance with EU best practices regarding the digital transformation of education;

  • development of the project website, YouTube channel with recordings of online trainings;

  • holding a workshop, international conference, preparation of scientific publications.